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Solution for Third Party Risk Management (TPRM)

Better protect your organization from third-party risks

Improve third-party risk management from risk identification to risk assessment, ongoing monitoring and reporting. Our TPRM solution enables proactive measures, optimized processes and increased resilience.

Third-Party Risk Management Solution by Swiss GRC
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Third-Party Provider & Service Catalogue

Manage your third-party providers and services efficiently. This enables you to centrally record third-party providers, evaluate their services and control the associated risk, resulting in improved risk management and optimized compliance.

Scoping and Identification Phase

Define and identify relevant third-party providers and services in the initial phase of your risk management process. Our solution enables you to effectively define the scope of your third-party risk management and create the basis for a comprehensive risk strategy.

Outsourcing Classification

Categorize and evaluate your outsourcing relationships with our specialized classification function. Quickly identify the different types of outsourcing partners and their specific risks to enable targeted and efficient risk management in your company.

Risk Analysis and Assessment

Determine the risk profile of your third-party providers with our risk analysis and assessment function. Our solution helps you to identify and assess potential risks in order to develop effective risk management strategies and actively manage the overall risk in your company.

Comprehensive Due Diligence

Conduct a detailed review of your third-party providers with our TPRM solution. This in-depth analysis enables you to gain deeper insights into the business practices, compliance and security standards of your external partners to make informed decisions and effectively minimize risks.

Contract Management

Monitor and analyze contracts with third-party providers. This allows you to manage contract terms efficiently, ensure compliance and identify and address potential risks in your business relationships at an early stage.

Continuous Monitoring

Keep a constant eye on the activities and risks of your third-party providers. Our monitoring function allows you to continuously review and update the risk status, supports the early detection of problems and helps to ensure compliance and performance standards.

Reporting and Analysis

Benefit from our comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities. Visually appealing and clear dashboards give you a clear overview of the performance and risks of your third-party providers, making decision-making and strategic planning much easier.

Exit & Transition Planning

Our TPRM solution supports you in planning and executing the exit from relationships with third-party providers. It enables a structured and risk-minimized transition to new vendors or solutions by providing clear exit strategies and effectively managing the transition to avoid business disruption and ensure business process continuity.

Solution for Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM)

Advantages and benefits for your organization

Efficient supplier management

Centralized control and management of all third-party provider relationships.

Integrated risk management

Comprehensive recording and analysis of third-party risks strengthens resilience and protects against unexpected risks.

Efficient due diligence processes

Collection, verification and categorization of third-party provider information for more efficiency and reliability in third-party provider management.

Transparency and traceability

Overview of all third-party relationships, including risk assessments and contract details.

Documentation of compliance measures

Recording of processes, monitoring of guidelines and preparation of reports for internal and external audits.

Reporting and dashboards

Custom reports and dashboards for insights into third-party performance and risks.

As one of the world’s leading universities, ETH Zurich attaches great importance to standards and quality. When looking for a GRC solution, it was crucial for us to find a partner who could meet our requirements and provide an intuitive tool with self-explanatory functions. Swiss GRC has proven to be a reliable partner that understands and fulfills these requirements. We appreciate the quality of service and the high flexibility of this GRC solution. It has significantly improved the way we work and we are very satisfied with the results.

Yannic Kälin
Risk & Compliance Controlling, ETH Zurich

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