Business Continuity Management (BCM) Solution

Protect critical functions and business processes with BCM

The GRC Toolbox provides efficient and target-oriented support during setting up, organizing and operating a business continuity management system. Our BCM solution makes it easier to identify and prioritizie critical functions and processes, to develop business continuity plans and identify and monitor potential risks.

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Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

A Business Impact Analysis (BIA) is a process for identifying and evaluating the impact of business disruptions on an organization. The purpose of GRC Toolbox’s BIA is to identify an organization’s critical functions/business processes and associated resources that are essential to the continuation of business operations.

Business Continuity Plans (BCP)

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is a process designed to ensure that an organization can operate in the face of unexpected events and disruptions to business operations. In order to accomplish this, GRC Toolbox allows business continuity plans to be created directly in the solution or stored and managed centrally as documents.

Exercises and Tests

Exercises and tests are activities designed to test and improve the response and effectiveness of BCM plans and strategies in various scenarios. The GRC Toolbox helps to plan the exercises and to document the results of the exercises, including any findings and improvement actions.

Integration with IT Risk, TPRM, etc.

Thanks to the integrated approach of the GRC Toolbox, BCM can be linked with other topics such as IT Risk Mgmt., Security, Third Party Risk Management or even Contract Management, e.g. to have common master data or to establish cross-divisional workflows and gain insights into operational resilience.

BCM Reporting

Quickly identify where your BCM program has weaknesses or where there is potential for improvement. The BCM Dashboard allows you to monitor program progress and respond quickly to ensure business continuity.

Advantages and added value for your organization

BCM with the GRC Toolbox

Visibility over critical functions and processes

Comprehensive support for surveying and assessing your organization’s critical functions and processes.

Threat identification and management

Identify, manage and monitor threats to your organization’s resilience using systematic risk analysis.

Create and review business continuity and DR plans

Improve responsiveness to potential incidents and be able to react quickly.

Business Continuity Management according to ISO 22301

Establish and operate a BCMS in accordance with ISO/IEC 22301 – the standard for business continuity management systems.

Continuous improvement of your BCM program

Regularly evaluate processes (BIA) and plans and verify that they meet current business requirements and threats.

Clear dashboard and reporting

Achieve visibility into the status and effectiveness of the BCM program and be prepared for potential threats.

Due to the Swiss GRC AG’s GRC Toolbox, we can efficiently execute multiple BCM activities, connect them with other areas such as information and IT security and gain important insights to increase resilience capabilities.

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GRC-Focus topics

Switzerland plans uniform regulations and reporting requirements with ISG to strengthen information and cyber security, especially for critical areas. Entry into force still unclear.

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