Risk Management Solution

Identify and efficiently manage corporate risks and opportunities

The GRC Toolbox supports the systematic identification, assessment, monitoring and management of risks and scores with its simplicity and comprehensibility. It enables a proactive approach to risk management, enables user acceptance and increases transparency and control over risks.

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Risk Overview

The various risk overviews are systematic views of risks that may occur in a company or organization. It provides a comprehensive overview of the existing risks and facilitates their prioritization.

Risk and Control Assessment

Assess identified risks qualitatively, quantitatively, and according to freely definable criteria and ensure the effectiveness of controls by means of control self-assessment and testing.

Risk Treatment (Actions)

Define and describe appropriate mitigation actions to manage risks and handle risk-related events and incidents. The GRC Toolbox helps you operationalize responsibility over actions, monitor deadlines and measure its progress.

Event and Incident Management

Identify and analyze events and incidents to take appropriate actions. Event and incident management is seamlessly integrated with risk management, enabling you to manage the entire chain of causes, events and effects.

Risk Reporting

GRC Toolbox’s risk reporting is designed to communicate the risks to which a company or organization is exposed in a way that is appropriate for the target audience. It is an important component of risk management because it gives decision makers a firm idea of existing risks, their significance, and how they can be managed.

Advantages and added value for your organization

Risk management with the GRC Toolbox

Management of all corporate risks

Whether strategic, operational or IT risk management, the GRC Toolbox offers support in all risk areas with its holistic approach.

Integration of other risk disciplines

Increased risk visibility through integration of other disciplines such as ICS, Compliance, Security, BCM,  Third Party Risk etc.

Risk & Opportunity Management

More success by looking not only at risks but also at opportunities.

Strengthening risk culture and risk responsibility

The right information is in the right hands to transfer and take responsibility for risks (integration through workflows).

Higher risk maturity through standardization

Standardize and automate the risk management processes and enable a consistent foundation for assessing, mitigating and reporting risks.

Improved decision making

Help executives at all levels make more informed decisions by providing a clear, consolidated and consistent view of risks.

As the corporate risk manager in our organization, I was looking for a solution that would allow us to manage the risk management process more efficiently and effectively. With Swiss GRC AG’s risk management software, we have found exactly what we were looking for.
The software is user-friendly and easy to navigate, providing us with an extensive overview of all risks in our organization. The automated reports and dashboards have helped us improve the effectiveness of our risk management strategy and make decisions based on credible data. With Swiss GRC AG’s risk management software, we can proactively address risks and safely achieve our business goals.

Corporate Risk Manager
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GRC-Focus topics

Switzerland plans uniform regulations and reporting requirements with ISG to strengthen information and cyber security, especially for critical areas. Entry into force still unclear.

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Mirko Hegi, GRC Expert, PostFinance AG

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