Swiss GRC opens Dubai office to support company growth in the region

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Swiss GRC opens Dubai office to support company growth in the region

Dubai, UAE — Swiss GRC, the leading software company in Switzerland specializing in developing and implementing Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) solutions, has strategically expanded its global footprint by establishing a new office in Dubai.

Swiss GRC has developed a deep understanding of the GRC sector because of its longstanding expertise. The GRC Toolbox, a cornerstone of its offerings, encapsulates this understanding. Built upon proven methodologies and best practices, this premier software solution equips enterprises to manage Governance, Risk, and Compliance with precision and efficacy. Our customers reflect a variety of industry verticals, including those in highly regulated high-risk sectors like BFSI, Manufacturing, Retail, Energy and Utilities, Transport and logistics, Public sector, Healthcare, Media and Technology.

The Middle East has emerged as a key region for GRC adoption, driven by heightened cybersecurity threats, complex regulatory landscapes, and an increasing awareness of the value of data protection. As more Middle Eastern enterprises recognise the importance of robust and integrated GRC frameworks, opening the Dubai office underscores Swiss GRC’s readiness to meet this growing demand and commitment to the region with deployment models of On-Premise, Private Cloud, and SaaS in line with the local Regulatory standards and framework.

Considering the expansion, Besfort Kuqi, CEO of Swiss GRC, said, “Our Dubai office signifies more than just geographical growth—it represents our proactive approach to a region rapidly recognizing the significance of rigorous GRC structures. Our comprehensive suite of Governance, Risk, and Compliance functions, encompassing areas like Risk management, Information security management, Data Protection, Operational and Cyber Resilience, and Business Continuity Management, is primed to assist these enterprises in elevating their GRC practices to international standards.”

Reinforcing the Dubai office’s strategic direction is the appointment of a seasoned General Manager. Renowned for his track record of spearheading GRC product offerings to various verticals and significantly contributing to the growth of some of the world’s leading GRC software providers in the Middle East, he will be a pivotal asset for Swiss GRC’s regional aspirations.

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Yahya Mohamed Mao

Yahya Mohamed Mao is a certified GRC Professional (GRCP) and heads the Marketing & Communications department at Swiss GRC. He is a regular contributor to industry publications and provides insights and expertise on current trends and innovations in Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC), AI, Marketing and Branding.

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