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What we do

We are a software and consulting company in the area of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC). Our focus is on the digitalization of GRC processes, using our own software solution, the GRC Toolbox. We support our customers, such as leading banks, insurance companies, industry and public administration in Switzerland and abroad, through consulting, implementation, training, maintenance and support.

What we care about

What we want to achieve

Our vision is to make GRC an integral part of modern and digital business management.

How we achieve it

We develop groundbreaking software solutions that help to better understand GRC, make it easy to use and network it sensibly. And all this with ease and a distinctive customer experience. That is our mission.


GRC Toolbox v3

Continuous development and improvement is important. In 2020 we introduced the third version of the GRC Toolbox. Customers now have the possibility to make their daily work more efficient by using predefined, expanded and redesigned standard reports and dashboards.


Swiss GRC AG can now train apprentices

Swiss GRC AG is now permitted to train IT specialist application development and ICT specialists EFZ.



The first SWISS GRC DAY is held under the motto “where governance, risk and compliance meet for success”. The event in the Radisson Blu Hotel is a success with all interested parties, customers and partners.

Information about the next  SWISS GRC DAY.


Launch of GRC Toolbox v2 

The Toolbox v1 has been revised. New modules and functionalities are being developed to increase the benefit for the customers. The interface of the Toolbox now appears in a new and more user-friendly design.


Establishment of Swiss GRC AG

The Swiss GRC AG is founded with the aim to advance the development of GRC software solutions. A new contract management module is added to the GRC Toolbox.


GRC Toolbox v1

Over the years, new modules such as ICS, ERM and Policy Management have been introduced. The Security Management solution develops into a complete GRC solution.


ISMS Toolbox

A web application of ISMS Tools is developed and introduced.


Development ISMS tool

Development of a prototype of an ISMS tool began and the first version introduced to the market in 1997.


Foundation of Swiss Infosec AG

The holding company of Swiss GRC AG is founded by Reto Zbinden, lawyer and current chairman of the board of directors of Swiss GRC AG.

Our history

The basic idea of the toolbox was developed 25 years ago. The former security management solution was developed further and extended to a comprehensive GRC solution. This led to the foundation of our company. Our goal is to apply the experience gained and to continue to adapt the GRC Toolbox to the dynamic needs of our customers.

Our GRC Toolbox

The GRC Toolbox is a and integrated software solution for Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC). With the help of the GRC Toolbox you can successfully manage risks, monitor controls, manage policies and contracts, and demonstrate compliance with laws, regulations and security requirements.

Who we are

We learn something new every day and help each other. Trust, openness and flexibility are essential to us.